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album sketch cover copy 3.png
alive album cover.jpg


Alison's second full-length album,

is a musical concept centered around relationships between different mental illnesses/disorders.


The album is made up of 8 songs.



  • alpha (fe)male            anger management

  • faking kind                 depression (major depressive disorder)

  • blue genes                  substance addiction

  • habitual                      eating disorders & food addiction

  • in your head              NPD (narcissistic personality disorder)

  • choosing you             OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder)

  • imaginary friends     bipolar disorder

  • weeds                          emotional attachment disorder


“I think everyone has a very bad habit of romanticizing mental illness,

so I’ve decided that I want to actually romanticize them.

Each song sounds like it's regarding another person, but it’s actually dedicated to a specific mentality.

Obviously, this album is very personal to me.”


* album art by Lauren May Neville


Imaginary Friends,

Alison's upcoming single,

is centered around her relationship with bipolar disorder.


It was surprisingly easy

to personify my relationship with bipolar disorder.

Living with this specific mental illness is sometimes

like living with another person.

I really hate how romanticized this specific mental illness is, specifically within social media."


"I wanted the feel of this song to be very childlike at the beginning,

and then all of a sudden to just get really dark-

like a fairytale unraveling.”


* album art by Aaron Jay Green



Alison's debut album, is a musical concept centered around the embodiment of the Seven Chakras.


Each musical piece within MINDBODY

took roughly 2 weeks to create.

For each song, Alison spent the first week researching what made that specific Chakra unique (as well as what frequencies,

chord progressions, instruments, genres, consonants,

and vowels resonated with each Chakra).

She then spent the next week meditating in that chosen Chakra

to see what emotions and stories came up for her.


At the end of each 7-day meditation cycle,

Alison sat down and wrote down a curated song

for the Chakra being focused on,

incorporating her research and meditation notes

from the previous 2 weeks.


The album is made up of 8 songs (two songs dedicated to the Heart Chakra instead of one).


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